Indirect Inspection


Spectrum XLI is the complete system for proactive above-ground inspections
and can complete up to 10 different surveys in a single pass of the pipeline.

Complete up to 10 surveys in a single pass of the right-of-way

Spectrum XLI is a proprietary system for above-ground pipeline inspection, and can be simultaneously used for GPS/GIS, depth of cover, depth of water, gas leak detection, cathodic protection survey (CP CIPS/CIS), direct current voltage gradient (DCVG), alternating current voltage gradient (ACVG), alternating current-current attenuation (ACCA), and soil corrosivity measurements.

Measurements collected with XLI are recorded into secured encrypted raw logs that can be audited by a third party. Post analysis of inspection results are completed in XLI Falcon software, and done by NACE certified CP and corrosion specialists, ensuring that high quality and reliable pipeline integrity recommendations are made for each project. Spectrum XLI is an industry-leading system for ECDA, ICDA, SCCDA, River Crossings, GIS Mapping, CP and CIS.

Indirect Inspection - Spectrum XLI

Why Choose PureHM?


Spectrum XLI allows pipeline owners to proactively
identify potential areas
of corrosion before
they occur.


Unlike conventional systems, Spectrum XLI collects quality, defensible data that can be verified by the operator.


Combining up to 10 different inspection techniques in a single platform saves money and maximizes field efficiency.

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Indirect Inspection - Spectrum XLI
Spectrum XLI

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above-ground inspection
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The Evolution of Indirect Pipeline Inspection
White Paper

Download our white paper on the evolution above-ground pipeline inspection.

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