Cathodic Protection


Through its E-MAC Corrosion division, PureHM provides a variety of services and expertise related to cathodic protection (CP) systems.

A complete portfolio of
corrosion solutions

Our CP services include: system consulting and design, adjustive surveys, repairs, installations and materials supply. We can effectively manage corrosion projects end-to-end, beginning with consulting, and moving into system design, indirect inspection, remediation strategies and repair, and CP materials supply. This provides operators with a single source of corrosion expertise that can handle large, complex projects.

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Cathodic Protection
Cathodic Protection

Cathodic Protection System Design and Installation

We are able to completely engineer, design and install new cathodic protection systems for pipelines, well casings, tank bottoms and underground tanks with our in-house team. This service includes everything from determining system specifications to supplying materials as a third-party consultant. We also perform maintenance, consulting services and supply materials for the management of existing CP systems. We also install impressed current systems for horizontal,
deep-well and semi-deep groundbeds, as well as CerAnode
“Piggy-Back” Tank Bottom Systems.

Adjustive Surveys

Annual adjustive surveys are often the first line of sight on the pipeline to determine if repairs to the CP system are needed. We have several trained crews that can assess the functionality of rectifiers and test posts to ensure the system is protecting the pipeline. Our crews also have the experience and expertise to make immediate recommendations and small repairs on a CP system.

Cathodic Protection

Why Choose PureHM?

Turnkey Solution

We are able to manage corrosion projects end-to-end beginning with consulting, and moving into system design, indirect inspection, remediation and CP
materials supply.


PureHM has an industry-leading team of NACE trained experts that ensure high-quality throughout every stage of a project.


Our experience and expertise allows our technicians to make immediate recommendations and repairs during annual
adjustive surveys.

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