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The evolution of Spectrum XLI

Before Spectrum XLI was known as the leading system in above-ground inspections, it was originally called the Pisces Program, a system designed for field technicians to complete river crossing surveys from a boat. Prior to the Pisces Program, when a field technician took pipeline readings from a boat, any movements made in the water made aligning the receiver coils quite…


PureHM reveals new SmartBall Informational Video

PureHM reveals their new promotional video for SmartBall. SmartBall is an inline assessment tool for confirmation of containment. The SmartBall® platform is a multi-sensor inline inspection tool that is capable of assessing unpiggable pipelines and provides operators with pipeline data that traditional tools cannot. The tool can simultaneously collect acoustic data to confirm containment, temperature, pressure and inertial mapping data.…


How confirmation of containment tools can be used in unpiggable lines

Over 1 million kilometers (620,000 miles) of oil and gas transmission pipelines in North America require inspection and assessment to ensure the products transported reach their destinations safely – a total distance equivalent to 78 trips around the circumference of the Earth. Unfortunately, 70% of the transmission pipelines that require assessment are difficult-to-pig or unpiggable. Although the majority of unpiggable…


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