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Permanent Monitoring for your Pipeline

PureHM's Tim Ross explores the downfalls of conventional pig tracking and explains how permanent remote tracking can improve safety and help operators realize significant cost savings in World Pipeline's October issue.


Why relying on one method of leak detection isn’t enough

Relying on a single method of leak detection is akin to relying on only one ILI tool for a full pipeline integrity assessment – both leak detection and ILI require multiple tool solutions that look for different indicators that the pipeline is at risk to reduce different integrity threats. CPM systems are unable to detect small leaks – with a…


How do inline leak detection tools identify a leak?

Oil and gas pipelines have well-defined leak detection protocols to proactively identify leaks. The most common is computational pipeline monitoring (CPM), which works by continuously comparing the amount of product entering the pipeline to the amount of product exiting the pipeline – any discrepancy may indicate a potential leak along the pipeline. Most operators also use right of way surveys…


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