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PureHM Introduces Hot Product Applications for SmartBall

The SmartBall tool is a multi-sensor inline inspection tool that can assess both piggable and unpiggable oil and gas pipelines 4-inches in diameter and larger. It is a best-in-class leak detection tool with mapping capabilities as well as pressure and temperature sensors, which provides operators with a clear profile of their pipeline including confirmation of containment. The SmartBall platform is…


How to exceed standards in your Direct Assessment Program

Oil and gas pipelines in North America have been in use for well over 100 years, and some of these early constructed pipelines are still in service today. Although many early pipelines were made of wood, over the past few decades majority of pipelines are constructed with steel. Despite its high strength, steel has a propensity to dent, buckle, corrode…


How does the Villari effect identify stress on metallic pipelines?

PureHM’s Pipe Wall Assessment (PWA) technology – which uses the Villari effect to measure stress changes in pipelines – was initially developed more than 10 years ago to address gaps with tools traditionally used to assess pipeline condition, specifically related to geotechnical concerns and unpiggable pipelines. Pure Technologies, the parent company of PureHM, developed the original PWA system to identify…


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