Permanent Tracking


PureHM offers permanently deployed above-ground markers (AGMs) for routinely pigged pipelines.

Permanent tracking offers an unique solution for routinely pigged pipelines

PureHM can deploy Armadillo AGMs with a permanent power supply to track routinely pigged pipelines or pipelines in a multi-pipeline corridor. In these situations, it is often more cost-effective and safe to permanently deploy AGMs in favour of deploying and collecting remote tracking AGMs, or tracking pigs using conventional methods. The information from the permanent Armadillo AGMs is uploaded and displayed through LiveMap, which allows operators to monitor these lines.

PureHM Permanent Tracking

Why Choose PureHM?


Permanent tracking significantly reduces field time and the associated risks for technicians.


The Armadillo system tracks each pig with seven sensors and is the most reliable AGM on the market.


Permanent tracking is the most cost-effective method of
tracking routinely pigged or
multi-pipeline corridors.

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Learn more about PureHM’s pig tracking solutions and the Armadillo AGM.

Armadillo Tracking
Armadillo Tracking

Learn more about PureHM’s Armadillo Tracking solution.

12 Myths of Pig Tracking
White Paper

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12 myths of pig tracking
and offers insight into how operators and ILI tool providers can improve their pig tracking.

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