SmartBall Technology


In a single deployment, the SmartBall tool can collect a variety of inline inspection (ILI) data in both piggable and unpiggale pipelines.

The SmartBall platform provides information that traditional ILI tools cannot

The SmartBall® tool is a multi-sensor inline inspection platform that collects a variety of pipeline condition data to help integrity departments manage their assets more efficiently and safely. The tool can be used for confirmation of containment, continuous pressure and temperature profiles, and pipeline mapping.


Confirmation of containment surveys that can detect pinhole leaks are an important part of a best-in-class pipeline integrity and leak detection program.

A pinhole leak can cause significant environmental damage before it is detected by other methods. Using an acoustic sensor, the SmartBall tool is capable of detecting pinhole leaks as small as 140 mL per minute (0.03 GPM), and allows operators to take advantage of sensors that are much more sensitive than conventional systems.

Regular confirmation of containment also allows the pipeline owner to confirm MFL results by ensuring none of the identified pits are 100% through wall. Use of the SmartBall tool allows operators to build a complete ILI program that reduces pipeline risk.

Why Choose PureHM?


The SmartBall tool collects a variety of pipeline and condition data that complements existing ILI programs, with just one single deployment.


The SmartBall tool provides data that traditional integrity tools cannot. This data is crucial in the safe operation of pipelines.


Using the SmartBall tool contributes to a complete, industry-leading ILI program that limits risk and ensures pipelines are fit for service.


Since 2007, PureHM has used the SmartBall tool to inspect more than
40,000 km (25,000 miles) of oil and gas pipelines and has detected 7 leaks.
The tool has also been used to assess more than 6,500 km (4,000 miles) of water pipelines and detected more than 2,000 leaks.

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