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Above-Ground Inspection


PureHM is the leader in proactive above-ground inspection of buried pipelines and can complete multiple surveys in a single deployment using the Spectrum XLI system.

Performing multiple surveys in a single pass is the most efficient and reliable method of data collection

Unlike conventional above-ground inspection tools, which often collect only a single data source, PureHM’s
Spectrum XLI system collects multiple sources of data in a single pass. Simultaneously, it can collect: GPS/GIS, depth of cover, depth of water, gas leak detection, cathodic protection survey (CP CIPS/CIS), direct current voltage gradient (DCVG), alternating current voltage gradient (ACVG), alternating current-current attenuation (ACCA), soil corrosivity measurements, and Pipe Wall Assessment (PWA).

PureHM and the Spectrum XLI platform are represented by Allied Engineers in the Middle East region. For more information, please visit the Allied Engineers website.

Above-Ground Inspection - Spectrum XLI
Indirect Inspection - Spectrum XLI

Spectrum XLI collects multiple sources of data in a single pass, which allows for more informed decision-making and more reliable pipeline integrity data. Learn more

PureHM Above-Ground Inspection

Pipe Wall Assessment is a method of screening a pipeline for elevated levels of stress through the measurement of magnetic field changes in ferromagnetic pipelines.
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