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Pipe Wall Assessment


Spectrum XLI Pipe Wall Assessment (PWA) is a screening tool for ferromagnetic pipelines that can identify stress concentration zones through the measurement of magnetic field changes.

Pipe Wall Assessment
provides an additional source
of integrity data

Spectrum XLI PWA is a screening tool for oil and gas pipelines that can provide pipeline condition information to help inform and direct higher resolution assessment programs. In addition, PWA can detect locations on a pipeline that may be the subject of significant geo-hazard induced stress where no defect on the pipe wall is present and detectable through traditional inline inspection. PWA should be used in combination with other pipeline integrity tools to identify areas at risk of failure through the measurement of magnetic
field changes.

Why Choose PureHM?


Above-ground surveys offer an operator inspection flexibility
and the ability to assess
unpiggable pipelines.


The information provided by PWA technology cannot be replicated by traditional integrity tools.


PWA contributes to a complete, industry-leading integrity program that limits risk.

Indirect Inspection - Spectrum XLI
Spectrum XLI

Learn more about how the Spectrum XLI platform is a proactive solution for
above-ground inspection
of buried pipelines.

The Evolution of Indirect Pipeline Inspection
White Paper

Download our white paper on the evolution above-ground pipeline inspection.

Case Study

Download our case study to understand how PWA helped to precisely locate stress corrosion cracking.

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