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Water Crossings


Spectrum XLI is world’s most advanced tool for inspecting buried pipelines under flowing water and can help operators prevent environmental threats and remain compliant with current regulatory standards.

Regulated water crossings
are a major priority for
pipeline operators

Water erosion, scouring, and ground subsidence are pipeline integrity threats that are greatest where pipelines are buried at river and creek crossings. Buried pipelines can also become vulnerable to third-party damage and UV degradation of the coating when erosion or scouring removes the cover. Spectrum XLI allows operators to monitor pipelines under flowing water and the surrounding environment for harmful geotechnical activity, pipeline exposures, and erosion of cover that could exceed pipeline code requirements. This challenge is addressed by accurately measuring the depth of cover over buried pipelines. Unlike other systems, XLI is supplemented with sonar and GPS, which allows the operator to obtain the elevation profile and depth of water at each crossings.

PureHM Water Crossings

Why Choose PureHM?


The Spectrum XLI system allows operators to identify and mitigate problems at regulated
water crossings.


The Spectrum XLI system can determine depth of cover, depth of water and the elevation profile at
water crossings.


PureHM has inspected thousands
of water crossings across
North America.

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Indirect Inspection - Spectrum XLI
Spectrum XLI

Learn more about how the Spectrum XLI platform is a proactive solution for
above-ground inspection
of buried pipelines.

The Evolution of Indirect Pipeline Inspection
White Paper

Download our white paper on the evolution above-ground pipeline inspection.

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