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AC Mitigation Solutions​


Mitigate safety concerns by reducing AC interference risks on impacted systems with our turnkey AC mitigation solution​

Turnkey AC mitigation solutions

PureHM has partnered with Commonrow Consulting to provide trusted design and engineering services for turnkey AC mitigation solutions ensuring the safe operation of pipelines impacted by high voltage powerlines. ​

Combining our industry leading suite of cathodic protection, monitoring and data management services with a turnkey AC mitigation offering provides operators with a single source of corrosion and electrical safety expertise.

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Why Choose PureHM?

Turnkey Solution

We specialize in managing corrosion projects end-to-end, beginning with consulting and project management, and moving into system design and construction management, procurement, monitoring and remediation.


PureHM has one of the top technical cathodic protection teams in the industry. Our team of NACE trained experts ensure high-quality throughout every stage of a project.


Our field technicians have the expertise necessary to make onsite repairs. SentryPoint continuous and/or remote cathodic protection monitoring allows field teams to spend time solving issues rather than finding them.

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