Corrosion Control Services


PureHM provides the full suite of corrosion control solutions needed to ensure that pipelines are fit for service

A complete portfolio of
corrosion solutions

Our corrosion control services include: system consulting and design, AC mitigation solutions, adjustive surveys, continuous CP monitoring, repairs, installations and materials supply. We can effectively manage corrosion projects end-to-end, beginning with consulting, and moving into system design, indirect inspection, remediation strategies and repair, and CP materials supply. This provides operators with a single source of corrosion expertise that can handle large, complex projects.

SB 12-01 Anode Installation 2 - Testing

We provide the full suite of cathodic protection services needed to ensure that pipelines are protected and remain fit for service. Our industry-leading team of NACE-trained experts will ensure quality service delivery throughout every stage of a project.
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Our CP materials experts work with operators and consultants to provide the highest quality materials for any CP project whether it is a new project build or routine part replacement.
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Our teams are trained to complete annual adjustive surveys and can also install remote and/or continuous cathodic protection monitoring to automate the collection of data throughout a CP system.
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We have combined our full suite of cathodic protection services with a turn-key AC mitigation offering to provide operators with a single source of corrosion and electrical safety expertise.
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