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Inline Inspection


In a single deployment, the SmartBall tool collects a variety of pipeline data that can help integrity departments manage their pipelines more effectively and safely.

Detection sensitivity that is much higher than conventional systems

The SmartBall® platform is a multi-sensor inline inspection tool that is capable of assessing unpiggable pipelines and provides operators with pipeline data that traditional tools cannot.
The tool can simultaneously collect acoustic data to confirm containment, temperature, pressure and inertial mapping data. This not only complements existing inline inspection
programs but provides value-added information in a
simple-to-use platform.

Inline Inspection - SmartBall
Inline Inspection - Pipeline Mapping

The SmartBall tool is equipped with an IMU sensor for pipeline mapping and improved anomaly location and reporting.
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PureHM Inline Inspection

The ability to detect pinhole leaks allows integrity divisions to confirm product containment and leak detection groups to take advantage of sensitivity far beyond conventional systems.
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PureHM Temperature and Pressure Profiles

The SmartBall platform provides operators with a continuous pressure and temperature profile throughout the entire inspection length.
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