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Temperature and Pressure Profiles


The SmartBall® tool can provide pipeline operators with a continuous temperature
and pressure profiles throughout an entire inline inspection (ILI) distance.

Continuous temperature and pressure profiles improve pipeline modelling

The SmartBall platform has integrated sensors that measure both the temperature of the pipeline product and the internal pressure of the pipeline along the entire length of the
piggable segment.

These measurements are taken hundreds of times per second as the tool traverses the pipeline. The data collected can then be used to improve pipeline flow modeling and supplement mass balance and real-time transient monitoring leak detection methods. The pressure and temperature data can also be used to improve pipeline modeling on internal corrosion direct assessment (ICDA) projects.

PureHM Temperature and Pressure Profiles

Why Choose PureHM?


The SmartBall tool provides temperature and pressure data that can improve existing ILI and integrity efforts for safe
pipeline operation.


Conventional ILI tools do not provide a continuous temperature and pressure profile throughout
the entire piggable segment.


An industry-leading ILI program combines a variety of data to safely and effectively manage the risk of operating a pipeline.

Learn More

Learn more about inline inspections and PureHM’s SmartBall Technology.

SmartBall Technology

Learn more about PureHM’s SmartBall Technology can collect a variety of inline inspection in both piggable and unpiggable pipelines.

Confirmation of Containment
White Paper

This white paper explores why confirmation of containment should be integrated into regular ILI programs.

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