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Integrity Data Management


We offer operators expertise and solutions for effective management of pipeline integrity data and improved decision making.

Decades of experience managing integrity data

Through decades of experience working with inline inspection (ILI) and pipeline data, PureHM has the expertise to manage
a variety of integrity projects. We have processed over
40,000 km (25,000 miles) of ILI survey data from 11 different
ILI vendors, and complete every pipeline integrity project
with the pipelines owners’ interest in mind.

PureHM Integrity Data Management
PureHM Integrity Data Management

Data Correlation Services

PureHM’s PipeWISE system was specifically designed to complement our ILI log analysis. We can effectively combine and correlate all pipeline integrity data, including both ILI and above-ground inspection data, in a single easy-to-use platform. This allows operators to make more accurate integrity decisions and have a true understanding of the condition of
the pipeline.

Integrity Dig Assistance

Using a combination of engineering expertise, experience, and technology, PureHM is able to support pipeline operators with their integrity dig program by providing dig site selection, site survey, stake out, as well as access recon, and one call/811. We can correlate all integrity data and support the analysis of this data to determine the best areas for further investigation and potential repair.

PureHM Integrity Data Management
PureHM Integrity Data Management

Fitness for Service Testing

The PipeWISE platform features auto-dig list creators and ILI data graphic representations to assist in completing fitness for service evaluations. PureHM is an impartial third party that can be used to analyze pipeline integrity data, ensuring all client requirements are met, and determine if pipelines are fit for service. PureHM has qualified professionals who are experienced with litigation work, audits, and due diligence reviews of pipeline integrity programs.

Why Choose PureHM?


PureHM is an independent party that provides impartial analysis of pipeline integrity data from various sources. This means you can be confident in the recommendations we provide.


We have decades of experience working with integrity data and have used it to guide the development of the PipeWISE platform and our dig
assistance program.


Combining and standardizing all data sets saves money by reducing decision time, while increasing accuracy. This is the only way to have a complete picture of the condition
of your pipeline.


Learn more about our integrity data management solutions.

PureHM Integrity Data Management
PipeWISE Technology

PipeWISE is a user-friendly system for centralizing and analyzing pipeline
integrity data.

Spectrum XLI
Pipe Wall Assessment

PureHM’s Spectrum XLI PWA is a condition screening tool that can support integrity
dig programs.

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