Increase Safety without missing an AGM passage

Through decades of experience, PureHM has developed the safest and most reliable system for tracking any type of pig. The Armadillo Tracks AGM monitors and records each pig passage with up to seven sensors – three 22 Hz channels, three magnetic channels, and one geophone channel. The Armadillo AGM can be used for conventional tracking, remote tracking, and permanent deployment for routinely pigged pipelines and remote right of ways.

The Armadillo Tracks AGM system is widely used by some of the largest oil and gas operators in North America to remotely track both inline inspection and cleaning tools. Select the link below to schedule a 30-minute WebEx about the system and its applications.


Technology Video

The Armadillo system was created with the goal of making pig tracking a safer activity for technicians and operators. Using remote tracking, operators can eliminate night shifts and reduce the cost of field resources.