A complete leak detection effort

The SmartBall platform is a multi-sensor ILI tool that can assess both piggable and unpiggable oil and gas pipelines 4 inches and larger. Using a sensitive acoustic sensor, it can accurately detect and locate pinhole leaks with 2 meter accuracy to create a comprehensive leak detection effort when combined with ROW inspections and CPM systems.

SmartBall is an innovative solution for oil and gas operators that can help reduce the likelihood that a pinhole leak goes unnoticed or is discovered by the public. Select the link below to schedule a 30-minute meeting about the tool and its applications.

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SmartBall for Oil and Gas
The SmartBall oil and gas tool is the only tool that can detect pinhole leaks on pipelines 4 inches and larger. It is used around the world to quickly and accurately identify leaks as part of an industry-leading pipeline integrity effort.

The Only Remote Tracking Solution in the Industry

The SmartBall tool is tracked by PureHM’s industry-leading Armadillo Tracks AGM system, which can be used to track any ILI tool or cleaning pig on any pipeline. Learn more about the Armadillo system and its applications for remote and permanent tool tracking.

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