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Safeguarding Watershed Integrity

PureHM's Tim Ross details solutions designed to aid operators in the management of pipeline water crossings in World Pipeline's February 2020 issue


PureHM Now Offering Comprehensive Suite of Internal Corrosion Solutions

We are happy to announce the recent addition of a full-scale Internal Corrosion Direct Assessment (ICDA), Internal Corrosion Predictive Modeling (ICPM), and internal corrosion risk assessment solution to our service offering to help pipeline operators proactively manage their assets. This new suite of internal corrosion solutions complements our existing external corrosion and stress corrosion cracking solutions for non-piggable assets. Taken…


PureHM Adds Full Suite of AC Mitigation Solutions to Cathodic Protection Offering Through an Exclusive Partnership with Commonrow Consulting

AC interference occurs when a metallic structure crosses or runs parallel to powerlines and can create significant safety concerns for landowners, rail lines and pipeline operators We are excited to announce a new partnership between PureHM and Commonrow Consulting. Commonrow is a trusted AC mitigation design and engineering house, committed to a collaborative client approach as well as providing operators…


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