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How inline leak detection can complement ROW surveys and CPM systems

Right of way (ROW) surveys and computational pipeline monitoring (CPM) are effective methods of leak detection, both targeting different indicators that pipeline containment is compromised. ROW surveys are an excellent way to look for visual signs of a leak along the pipeline length and CPM is effective at identifying large, sudden losses of product that can be detected by measuring the…


How to integrate inline leak detection with pigging or smart inspection programs

Pigging can be an onerous task depending on the frequency of inspections and conditions of the pipeline. Some operators are required to clean lines regularly, resulting in high man power costs to execute these programs. Smart pigging can be further complicated when pipeline geometry and design need to be considered to ensure the pipeline can accept the tool. Inline leak…


How inline leak detection can support your inline inspection program

While leak detection and inline inspection (ILI) are different areas of pipeline integrity, the use of inline leak detection tools can support ILI results. For example, the results of a MFL inspection point to areas of corrosion along the pipeline, including size and depth of the defect identified. The depth of the defect is very important, as it indicates how…


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