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How is the SmartBall tool different than a conventional inspection pig?

PureHM’s SmartBall tool is easily deployed in conjunction with other smart pigs, however it is significantly different than these tools in terms of its versatility. Smart tools – such as MFL, geometry tools and UT tools require significant man power and operator support to deploy. They also require pigging facilities and typically have notable bend restrictions that need to be…


Leak Detection and Regulation

Unlike inline inspection, above-ground inspection and hydro testing, inline leak detection is not currently mandated on all pipelines in North America. However, in specific cases, inline leak detection can be mandated. An example of this is a major operational change – such as a flow reversal – that might result in regulators mandating specific inspections for a period after the…


How large a leak could you be missing with CPM?

Computational pipeline monitoring (CPM) is legislated on most pipelines in North America. While these systems are crucial in maintaining the integrity of a pipeline, they only operate at roughly 2-3% of throughput, and have a theoretical limit of 1% of throughput due to the error tolerance for meters. While the systems are highly effective for continuous monitoring for large product…


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