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Pig Tracking


Through decades of experience, PureHM has developed the safest and most reliable system for tracking any type of pig,
on any pipeline.

The Armadillo system offers tracking reliability that conventional systems do not

PureHM is the oil and gas industry’s pig tracking and benchmarking experts. The Armadillo system provides the most reliable and defensible tracking for any type of pig, on any pipeline using both remote and conventional methods. The system also provides highly accurate benchmarking to reduce the cost of pipeline repairs.

PureHM Pig Tracking
PureHM Remote Tracking

Remote tracking is the safest method of tracking for inline inspection (ILI) projects with any level of safety risk including: night shifts, bad weather and remote areas. For long distance ILI projects and multiple pig runs,
it also reduces the cost
of tool tracking.
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PureHM Conventional Tracking

Conventional tracking is ideal for short distance ILI projects, or projects with limited safety concerns, and where one technician can track the pig. Using Armadillo above-ground markers (AGMs), PureHM provides greater reliability than other conventional providers by recording each passage with multiple sensors.
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PureHM Site Documentation

PureHM’s site documentation services improve the location accuracy of AGM sites and ultimately allow for more accurate repair decisions based on ILI data.
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LiveMap Software

Armadillo LiveMap software is provided in every PureHM tracking project. It offers a near real-time view of a pig’s position, its estimated velocity and time of arrival, and custom notifications
for any event.
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PureHM Permanent Tracking

PureHM offers permanently deployed AGMs that help reduce tracking costs on regularly pigged pipelines or multi-pipeline corridors.
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