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Site Documentation


PureHM can complete sub-decimeter above-ground marker (AGM) site documentation to improve inline inspection (ILI) anomaly location and analysis.

Improved AGM locations allows for more accurate ILI results

Through decades of pig tracking experience, PureHM has developed expertise in sub-decimeter site documentation of AGM locations. PureHM can accurately survey new AGM locations before an ILI project begins, or re-survey existing AGM locations to improve accuracy. Improved AGM location accuracy helps operators save money by improving the accuracy of ILI data, which ultimately reduces the cost of
post-ILI repairs. This service can be done in conjunction with the deployment of AGMs for remote tracking projects, or independent of an ILI project before it occurs.

PureHM Site Documentation

Why Choose PureHM?


PureHM’s technicians are
trained to the highest safety
standards before completing
right-of-way projects.


PureHM recognizes the importance of accurate AGM locations and has completed site documentation on hundreds of pipelines across
North America.


Improved AGM location accuracy helps operators reduce the
cost of repairing a pipeline
after an ILI project.

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Armadillo Tracking
Armadillo Tracking

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12 Myths of Pig Tracking
White Paper

This white paper explores
12 myths of pig tracking
and offers insight into how operators and ILI tool providers can improve their pig tracking.

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