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PureHM Now Offering Comprehensive Suite of Internal Corrosion Solutions


PureHM Now Offering Comprehensive Suite of Internal Corrosion Solutions

We are happy to announce the recent addition of a full-scale Internal Corrosion Direct Assessment (ICDA), Internal Corrosion Predictive Modeling (ICPM), and internal corrosion risk assessment solution to our service offering to help pipeline operators proactively manage their assets. This new suite of internal corrosion solutions complements our existing external corrosion and stress corrosion cracking solutions for non-piggable assets. Taken together, this comprehensive direct assessment (DA) solution will enable operators to simultaneously address stress corrosion cracking (SCCDA), internal corrosion (ICDA) and external corrosion (ECDA) issues in their non-piggable pipeline segments. This solution may also be applied to non-regulated pipeline segments for operators wishing to take prudent measures to ensure the highest possible level of pipeline integrity and to minimize the potential for internal corrosion failures on their unregulated assets.

Over 70% of North American pipelines are non-piggable, which creates significant challenges for pipeline operators, as it is difficult to comprehensively assess the integrity of these assets. While external corrosion direct assessment (ECDA) and stress corrosion cracking direct assessment (SCCDA) programs are relatively simple to complete, internal corrosion direct assessment requires accurate pipeline data and complex predictive modeling, which has proven to be a significant challenge within the industry.

PureHM is tackling this challenge by using our existing Spectrum XLI platform alongside our newly created IPCM software. The Spectrum XLI system provides pipeline profile inspection data with the level of accuracy needed for ICDA and our ICPM software is then used to predict internal corrosion rates along an entire pipeline.

This new solution will enable operators to pro-actively plan mitigative internal corrosion measures that will help to prevent potential future failures.

For more information about our Internal Corrosion Solutions please download the brochure or get in touch with one of our experts.

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