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River Scour Monitoring


PureHM’s ability to continuously monitor river crossings for scour enables operators to react to scour events quickly and efficiently

A continuous scour monitoring solution for critical water crossings

PureHM’s river scour monitoring system utilizes temperature sensors installed at each side of the river crossing to assess whether the pipeline has become exposed to water. In the event of scour, operators will be notified, enabling them to respond quickly and ensure that their pipeline does not remain exposed for extended periods of time.

It is recommended for use on critical pipeline water crossings to ensure that they are continuously monitored for scour without the need for frequent depth-of-cover surveys.

Why Choose PureHM?


Our ability to monitor and assess buried, under water pipelines by remote or autonomous means reduces the need to have technicians on the water – eliminating the safety risks that often arise at these volatile areas.


The accuracy of information and broad scope of data streams provided by our suite of water crossing solutions enables operators to make confident integrity decisions relating to their water crossings.


Combining a comprehensive indirect inspection with geo-technical stress and river scour monitoring contributes to an industry-leading integrity program that limits risk exposure in sensitive water crossing areas.

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