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Technical Staff


Meet the Pipeline Professionals, with over 100-years of combined experience who have a strong commitment to integrity, safety,
and providing exceptional service.

Shamus McDonnell

Shamus McDonnell


As president of PureHM since March 1995, as well as leader of the Pipeline Integrity Services Division, Shamus’ responsibility for pipeline integrity services includes data collection, correlation and validation through excavation for a variety of pipeline integrity inspections surveys including leak, depth of cover, cathodic protection, inline inspection, coating condition and GPS. With over 25-years of hands-on experience, Shamus has contributed to technological advancements in the North American pipeline industry. He continues to play an integral role in the business management at PureHM as well as overall coordination of projects involving pipeline integrity consulting, pipeline pigging, ECDA surveys, technology research, and development.

Jim Hunter

Jim Hunter

Vice President of Operations

With over 30-years in the pipeline inspection business, Jim’s experience and expertise are valuable tools in his role of VP Operations. Jim started out as a welder in the late 70s in Western Canada’s booming oilfields. The noise, smoke, and constant flashes grew old quickly though, and Jim agreed that disco did, indeed, suck. In 1986 Jim joined Tuboscope’s Linalog division in Nisku, Alberta and began his career in Pipeline inspection. By 1995 he had found the right partners in Shamus and Cari McDonnell and along with his wife Juanita they launched Hunter McDonnell Pipeline Services Inc. Good service, constant innovation and crazy hours helped turn the little Ma and Pa into a corporation that lead the way and turned heads into the new millennium. Jim maintained a role of operations manager pretty much from the outset and leaned on his pig tracking experience as the company grew. In his role at PureHM Jim continues to emphasize the commitment to customer satisfaction, to safety, and to project quality that has made this company a true leader in its field.

Richard Buksa

Richard Buksa, P.Eng

Manager of Engineering and
Right-of-way Services

With over 25-years of pipeline experience, Richard Buksa is an engineering and pipeline manager responsible for all aspects of personnel and project management in the particular areas of Cathodic Protection and Pipeline Integrity Assessment. Richard has extensive experience with specialized pipeline indirect assessment surveys, integrity data management, and the areas of design, installations commissioning, testing and maintaining many types of cathodic protection systems for mainlines, gathering systems and AST’s. Richard was heavily involved in the initial conceptualization and subsequent development of an alternative pipeline indirect assessment tool, which would later be known as Spectrum XLI.

Robert Zmud

Robert Zmud

Integrity Division Manager

Robert Zmud has over 20-years of experience in the pipeline integrity industry, with an extensive background overseeing pipeline integrity work involving inline inspection (ILI), including the correlation of Close Interval Potential Survey (CP CIPS) data to ILI. Starting his career working on digs as a pipeline non-destructive testing technician, Robert gained experience with ultrasonic, mag particle and laser tools. Prior to working at PureHM, Robert expanded upon his career as a technician and continued to develop his skills where he ultimately became manager of an ILI department. Robert’s previous experience resulted in the analysis of over 1,600 km (1,000 miles) of ILI inspection annually and reviewed over 60,000 anomalies every year.

Chukwuma Onuoha

Chukwuma Onuoha, P.Eng, Ph.D

Product Manager, Spectrum XLI

Chukwuma (Chuks) Onuoha is the Product Manager for Spectrum XLI and brings a broad range of skills and experience to PureHM including a MSc in Corrosion Control Engineering and a Ph.D. specializing in Materials Engineering. He is a NACE Certified Corrosion Specialist. The projects he leads include the areas of Direct Assessment (ECDA, ICDA, SCCDA), Cathodic Protection Close Interval Potential Survey (CP CIPS), External Coating Assessment (ACVG, DCVG, and ACCA), as well as Pipeline Mapping and Water Crossing Assessments.

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