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Armadillo Tracking


The Armadillo system is the safest, most reliable, and most efficient pig tracking solution. It can be used for both conventional
and remote tracking.

The Armadillo above-ground marker (AGM) is the most effective way to track inline inspection tools

The Armadillo AGM tracks and records pig passages with seven sensors – three 22 Hz channels, three magnetic channels, and one geophone channel. The tracking technician creates a snapshot of each pig passage for record keeping, which provides owners with a defensible record that a pig has passed the AGM location.

Armadillo Tracking

Through decades of experience, PureHM has developed the safest and most reliable system for tracking any type of pig, on any pipeline.

When remote tracking, the Armadillo AGM communicates with PureHM’s control room using a GSM or Satellite remote tracking unit. This equipment is pre-deployed by PureHM staff, meaning no technicians are required at each site during a run.

For any pig run, the AGM information is uploaded and displayed through PureHM’s LiveMap software, which provides near real-time information on the progress of a pig, as well as other relevant details about the inspection.

Why Choose PureHM?


The Armadillo system reduces the dependence on field technicians, making it the
safest method of tracking
any type of pig.


The Armadillo AGM provides the best quality data to confirm pig passages and improve
inline inspection (ILI)
anomaly location.


Armadillo Remote Tracking is the most efficient method of tracking multiple pigs, and can reduce costs by up to 20%.


The Armadillo system has been used to track over 2,000 ILI projects and over 1,250 have been tracked using LiveMap software.

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Armadillo Tracking
Pig Tracking

Learn more about PureHM’s pig tracking solutions.

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