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The PipeWISE system is a user-friendly tool for centralizing and analyzing pipeline integrity data from both ILI tools
and above-ground surveys.

The PipeWISE platform improves and streamlines integrity decision making

The PipeWISE system can effectively combine several data sources into a single platform, which improves accuracy and reduces the time needed to make decisions. This ultimately saves money and provides a more reliable platform for managing a wide range of data.


The only all-encompassing platform for storing, streamlining
and analyzing any pipeline integrity dataset.

The PipeWISE system was specifically designed to complement PureHM’s log analysis. We have extensive experience with ILI data and can correlate logs quickly and accurately. We offer third-party analysis of ILI data and consultations with pipeline operators to ensure all requirements of an ILI project are met.

PureHM uses a five-step process for integrity data management, which combines decades of expertise with an industry-leading data management solution. As a third-party, our goal is to ensure the highest level of data integrity and make sure pipelines are fit for service.

Why Choose PureHM?


PureHM is an independent party that provides an impartial analysis of pipeline integrity data from various sources.


We have decades of experience working with ILI data and have used it to guide the development of the PipeWISE platform.


PureHM saves money, reduces decision time and increases accuracy by combining and standardizing any data set.


PureHM has used PipeWISE to compile 22,000 km (13,000 miles) of pipeline data, that’s like travelling from Canada’s West to East coast four times.

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