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The evolution of Spectrum XLI


The evolution of Spectrum XLI

Before Spectrum XLI was known as the leading system in above-ground inspections, it was originally called the Pisces Program, a system designed for field technicians to complete river crossing surveys from a boat. Prior to the Pisces Program, when a field technician took pipeline readings from a boat, any movements made in the water made aligning the receiver coils quite challenging, resulting in faulty data readings. PureHM used this challenge as an opportunity to develop a solution and created a 3D coil system to counteract boat movements, which was later named the Pisces Program.

After identifying similar challenges and requirements for above-ground pipeline inspection, the Pisces Program was extended for terrestrial surveys, and more features were added to the system including the dead reckoning module, and laser range finder, as well as the capability to complete close interval and direct current voltage gradient surveys. As the growth of the Pisces Program continued to evolve beyond the initial parameters, the name was changed to Spectrum XLI – which stands for external line inspection.

The first Spectrum XLI model used a GPS centerline and completed alternating current attenuation (ACCA) and alternating current voltage gradient (ACVG) surveys. The early adaptations of Spectrum XLI included a through pipe communication system to remotely adjust the transmitter. PureHM saw the potential in Spectrum XLI to be used for further surveying applications and continued to add features to the system.

The current version of the Spectrum XLI platform can complete up to 10 survey techniques in a single pass – the only technology with this capability. Spectrum XLI is the industry leader in proactive above-ground inspection of buried pipelines and the most efficient and reliable method of inspection for making integrity decisions.

To learn more about Spectrum XLI, visit the information page on PureHM’s website here.


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