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The Maharaja Mac and XLI – now both available to Indian pipeline operators!


The Maharaja Mac and XLI – now both available to Indian pipeline operators!

While his home in Houston was on the brink of flooding, Marcus McDonnell was half way around the globe in India; eating a Maharaja Mac!  Marcus is a man of few words, so all he had to report was “I had an Indian Big Mac today… chicken instead of beef, jalapenos instead of pickle, orange curry sauce instead of white mystery sauce.  LOL”


Marcus McDonnell and the infamous Maharajah Big Mac


Marcus did not travel all that distance just to test a new variety of McDonald’s, he was actually initiating the new Spectrum XLI service provider, Allied Engineers, who will provide our services to India and the Middle East. Marcus was there to provide training to the veteran Allied Engineers cathodic protection, coating survey technicians and Direct Assessment team who will now be using two shiny new Spectrum XLI kits to provide PureHM-level XLI inspections for the region.

This was PureHM’s second exploit overseas to set up local service providers for the advanced Spectrum XLI technology; a year ago PureHM’s Wei Feng Wang travelled to China where he trained and set up Pure China technicians and engineers to perform inspection. Wei was held ransom by Sinopec, who insisted that his two week demo be extended by a month to allow Wei to personally oversee as much XLI inspection as possible before he returned to Canada!  Pure China has been completing river crossings, depth of cover profiles, coating inspections, even close interval cathodic protection inspections for pipeline giants like Sinopec ever since.


Taking advantage of having a 20-year veteran on site, Ashish Khera, the Director of Allied Engineers, coordinated demonstrations of Spectrum XLI for senior management of GAIL India Ltd. and other large Indian pipeline operators and regulators alike.  Ashish wrote back to us “Was already quite impressed with XLI systems but after this training loving it even more! Some amazing developments you guys have done and looking forward to taking it through and bridging the gaps in the CP survey industry”

Marcus is currently travelling back home to America, where his house and our Houston office have been miraculously spared from Harvey. We’ll let him rest on the flight, but as soon as he lands we have to ask him to help ensure the rest of our employee’s homes and family are all safe and dry, before we assign him on his next adventure. All in a day’s work for a pipeline superhero.


Marcus and Ashish Khera

Marcus and the crew from Allied Engineering

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