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Water Crossing Services


PureHM provides a comprehensive suite of pipeline water crossing inspection services to help operators manage environmental threats and remain compliant with current regulatory standards

The most comprehensive suite of water crossing services

Water erosion, scouring, and ground subsidence are pipeline integrity threats that are greatest where pipelines are buried at river and creek crossings. Buried pipelines can also become vulnerable to third-party damage and UV degradation of the coating when erosion or scouring removes the cover.

Maintaining pipelines at water crossings is an important part of regulatory compliance to avoid an incident on high-risk pipelines with the potential to cause watershed contamination.

PureHM offers best-in-class assessment and monitoring solutions for pipelines buried beneath any size water crossing no matter the conditions present at the crossing.


Our River Scour Monitoring technology continuously monitors river crossings for scour, enabling operators to react to scour events quickly and ensure their pipelines do not remain exposed for extended periods of time.
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Our water crossing assessment platform provides operators with the clearest picture possible of the conditions surrounding pipelines buried at water crossings.
Our ability to survey crossings remotely or autonomously means they can be assessed during even the most hazardous conditions.
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