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What safety considerations should you take when pig tracking?

Safety is very important in the pipeline industry because the work has the potential to be harmful or life threatening if completed without the proper precautions. To ensure everyone goes home safe and sound, pipeline companies place great emphasis on creating a safe work environment. Although pig tracking is a relatively simple concept, it can have major safety concerns in…


Which data sources can Spectrum XLI collect simultaneously?

PureHM’s Spectrum XLI is a complete system for above-ground inspection of buried pipelines. Historically, above-ground inspection tools have only collected a single data source in each pass of the pipeline. This means the operator needed to complete multiple passes of the ROW to do comprehensive inspections such as those required for ECDA or SCCDA, which require multiple indirect inspections (IITs),…


How to detect a pinhole leak on your pipeline

Pinhole leaks are challenging for pipeline operators because they pose a large environmental threat, but are very difficult to detect. However, due to recent advances in pipeline integrity technology, operators are now able to detect these leaks that conventional ILI tools and leak detection systems cannot. Leaks can be caused by many things ranging from bacteria in the soil to…


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